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My dear Smyly,
I went to the Bodleian
with Mahaffy today . Here are the
(1) II. XV1 (2) 13 πλινθολκιαν is right
'' XXVI (3) 8 I should read θρu[ο̣υ̣ ει̣ς̣[2
(4)3 5 θρυ[ω]ν is certainly
right ; τιμην less so, there is scarcely
room properly; but τιμην can be
had if you want it.
(5)4 6 τιμην καλαμ[.....
(6)5 5 τιμην καλα[μο]υ.

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xxix6 a 18 it is ρκϛ = ϲν, the
ϲ is clear.
xxix d 97 either κδ or κε can be read
I slightly prefer ε.
Similarly (b)8 8 it is impossible to
say whether it is α or λ
I xv 209 ουσαν wont do. It
could be read as ουθπω, the
interesting letter is as you say
more like a θ than any thingn else
Possibly he began to write ουθεν
and altered it to ουπω. ρε is
the end of the line.
Oxyrhynchus is never called any thing

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but ἡ Ὀζυρύγχων πόλις till
the 2nd cent when ἡ Ὀζυρυγχιτῶν
πόλις came in.
I know nothing of ανουχι.
I leave on Saturday & shall
hope to see your book on my
return in March. Our book
appeared yesterday . There are
some remarks on Revillout apropos10
of marriage, which may amuse
I have had a very pleasant visit
from J.P.M. We hope to come to come
to Dublin next summer, if we

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ever have any time. This
winter we are excavating again
in the Fayum12 & shall have another
shy at those d-d mummy

Au revoir
yours very sincerely
Bernard P. Grenfell.

1. These are references to published Petrie papyri. The last digit in the sequence is the line number. Link

10. Accent above 'a' either switched from aigu to grave or made a grave and then cancelled.

11. The remarks appear in the intro. to P.Oxy. II 267.

12. Tebtunis specifically for the University of California.

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