History of Papyrology - beta

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My dear Smyly,
I hope you had a good
holiday up in Yorkshire - & that Miss P.2
has condescended to send you Oxyrh.
I think ha I have reconstructed that
passage about the ναυβια.3 Col i now
[ἔχει τὸ σχοίνιον] τὁ γεωμετρικὸν ὄγδοα η
[τὸ δὲ ὄγδοον ἔχει] πήχις ιβ, ὤστε ἔχειν τὸ
[σχοινίου το γεω]μετρ[ικ]ον πηχῶν (sic) 95
[τὸ δὲ.........]κ̣ον ἐστιν πηχῶν ρ.

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after 4 lines about the different dimensions
l.9. [ὁ.............].ς 〈ο〉ἰκοπεδικὸς πηχις ἔ-
10 [χει ἐμβαδικοὺς πή]χις ρ.
[τῴ δὲ ξύλῳ καταμ]ετρῖ[τα]ι τα ναύβια, τὸ μεν βα-
[σιλικόν ἐστι π]ηχῶν γ
[παλαιστῶν] ιη
[δικτύλων] οβ
15 [τὸ δὲ .........δημοσιον??] ἐστιν πηχῶν ββ´
[παλαιστων] ϙ1ϛ.
[δακτύλων] γ ξδ
[τὸ δε ὤστε ἔχειν τὸ σχοινίον] τὸ γεωμετρικὸν
[ξύλα βασιλικὰ] λβ
20[ξυλα.........] λϛ
[...........τετ]ραγωνου ἕχει ξύλον α
[14 letters,] α
[13 '' π]ήχεις γ
[13'' δη]μόσιον ναυ-
25 [β(....

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The restorations account for the figures
so well that I am sure they are right
ll. 18-20 fit in beautifully with ll.1-3.
The only difficulty is that in Col.
2 a [δη]μόσι[ο]ν [ξυλον] has 3
πήχεις, whereas in ll. 11-2 it is
the βασιλικόν which has 3 and
one would like to put in δημόσιον
in ll. 15 & 20 , but for that. It is
however safer to suppose that
βασιλικὸν = δημόσιον (as often)
& that the other kind of ξύλον was
quite different.
From the fact that a ξύλον was used
for measuring ναύβια it looks very

[begin page 4]

much as if a ναύβιον was a
cubic ξύλον, dont you think ?
If you like to refer to this in
P.P. III, please do.
Is your βασιλικὸς πῆχυς in
P.P. one of 6 παλαίσται ? In
the pap. that πῆχυς is called
......]||σιος , ? δημόσιος
I leave on Wedn. for Berlin.
& return on the 11th Oct. my
Halle4 address (Oct. 6-9th) is
Hotel Stadt Hamburg.5

Yours ever,

1. Probably 1903.

2. Emily Paterson (1861-1947), General Secretary of the E.E.F. from 1892-1919.

3. The papyrus quoted below seems to remain unpublished.

4. No doubt Grenfell was visiting Blass, who was a professor there.

5. Image of the Hotel Stad Hamburg from Deutsche Digitale Bibliothek

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