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My dear Smyly,
Just a line to congratulate
you warmly on your new distinction.
I hope it wont mean that you will
have less time for papyri . Who is your
new Professor of Latin? I never met him
so far as I remember.
You have probably seen Wessely's treatise
on the topography of the Fayum which
arrived a few days ago. It contains
a good deal of useful information from

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unpublished Rainer papyri1 especially
on the Byzantine names, but the poor
man held his map of the Fayum the
wrong way up all through, with the
result that practically every indication
of direction is wrong. For Wessely's
'East' I sometimes 'NE', sometimes
'S.W' . So we should not abandon
our appendix on the topography
especially as Tebt. II has a good
deal of many new details
We are going to give an alphabetical
list of taxes, i.e bring Wilcken
up to date.2 There are 100 new ones

to be added to Wilcken's 200. For this
too we shall particularly want to
utilise P.P. III, if we may.
I hope that two boxes reached you

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Yours ever
B. P. Grenfell

1. in Vienna

2. Eventually published as App. 2 in P.Tebt. II, "The Topography of the Arsinoite Nome."

3. Reference is to Wilcken's Grieschische Ostraka.

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