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My Dear Smyly,
I should have written
before, but I did not want to bother
you during the terribly sad time
that you must have experienced. I can
the better sympathise with you in your
loss, as the memory of my father's
death in 18971 is still fresh. I hope
that Lady Smyly2 is now pretty well :
and that you have been able to find
solace in work.

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I sent off today ^to you two boxes
filled with Tebtunis cartonnage
and hope they will turn out better
than the previous lot. Jouguet has
just produced some more petitions
from Magdala which arent very
exciting, though there are some more
double dates for you. He tells me
that he has a fine piece of the Ἄπιστος
of Menander however.
Oxyrhynchus IV will be out next
week. We are well on with
the Roman documents from Tebtunis,
which arent wildly exciting for
the most part, but have some useful

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new information about priests and
taxes. I had spent some time in
collecting all the topographical data
from the papyri with a view to a
geographical appendix, but yesterday
I received from Wessely an elaborate
treatise on the subject with a good deal
of fresh information from the Rainer
collection, rendering the collection of
^another a complete list unnecessary. I propose
however to give a detailed examination
of his list (which has a good many
errors of [illegible]) and add the new
data from Tebtunis II and Petrie III?
Can you promise the latter will be
out this summer ? The appendix
must be written by November, but the volume
wont be out till July 1905 at earliest

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July and August we shall devote
to undoing Hibeh cartonnage
and Fayum crocodiles. Possibly Schubart
will come over to see how it is done.
As I told him, it would be more to the
point if he consulted you, and if
you could come over and pay us a
visit anytime in the Vacation, we
should be delighted.
Have you seen Didymus ?3 The new
type of the Berlin Academy seems
to me detestable.
With best remembrances from

Yours ever
Bernard P. Grenfell

1. Smyly's father Phillip Crampton Smyly died 8 April 1904; he was married to Selina Maria Plunket.

2. 'Lady Smyly' may be Smyly's mother, Selina Maria Plunket, or his cousin and future sister-in-law, Aileen Grace Smyly.

3. Commentary on Philippics of Demosthenes (Diels & Schubart eds.)

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