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My dear Smyly
You will have seen the news
of Grenfell's departure. It came as
a bit of a shock, as the latest
report had been better, and he
had lately written some postcards
(perhaps you had one), and said
he shouldmight be expected in Oxford.
Well, he is coming, though not
as he intended, poor chap. I
dont think there was any longer
a real hope of recovery, and so
one can hardly regret that the
end has not been long delayed.
The funeral is to take place
here on Saturday.
By his will, made in 1917, he
bequeathed to you the papyri ob-

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tained by him from Gurob1 in 1894-5.
I see that in your preference to
"Greek papyri from Gurob2" you say
that this cartonnage had been
"given" to you: did you use "given"
in the full sense of the word, I
wonder, and if so, was this gift
subsequent to the will? You see,
there is the question of probate; if
a valuation and duty can be
escaped, so much the better of
While there was still a bare possi-
bility that Grenfell might one
day return to work, I deliberately
put aside the publication of
Tebtunis III3, but now I shall
have to face it, though being
in the middle of other things I
can do nothing for the present, at
any rate. I think that he

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4I thi received from you the
bulk of the collection, didn't he ?
Have you still at Dublin any
part of it, or of other carton-
nage from our diggings ? (I don't
want them : merely for information )
I hope that you flourish.
The summer term here has
been much upset by the strike5,
of course, but the men are
all back at work again now.

A.S. Hunt

3. The third volume of P.Tebt., the first part of which appeared in 1933.

4. This page is cataloged as "107", presumably as a library cataloger's error.

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